Monday, February 04, 2013

Glamorous couple wore onesies for Gretna Green nuptials

Newlyweds Kelly and Stuart Scott wore onesies for their big day. The happy couple from Rochdale, Lancashire, decided to shun the traditional big white dress and morning suit when they married at Gretna Green.

Kelly said:“Our favourite time of the day is when we are snuggled up watching TV in our onesies after the kids have gone to bed. Nowadays getting married costs thousands and we couldn’t afford a traditional wedding so we said 'why not have a me and you wedding instead?'”

The bride wore comfy slipper boots with her onesie and the groom wore trainers. Ten members of the wedding party also wore the babygrow-style suits for the ceremony, including their one-year-old son Frankie and Kelly’s seven-year-old daughter Tiegan.

Stuart, 39, is an electrical engineer, while Kelly, 30, is an account manager. She said: “We tried to get the minister to wear a onesie but he politely declined.” She added:“Everyone had big smiles on their faces. I did imagine getting married in a big white dress as a kid but as you get older you realise that there are things more important than spending thousands on a dress.”

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Ratz said...

I agree with them up to a point. That point being where my sanity neurons appear to have melted and I'm fored to say "Mildred, hand me my elephant gun."

SteveC said...

I think a couple should have a wedding that they want and enjoy. Although I may pass on the onesie myself, it seems that they enjoyed it.
I have to admit that this picture may end up on 'Awkward Family Photos' in the near future though.