Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Gnomes means no for anti-McDonald's activists

A protest against the opening of a McDonald's in Tecoma, Australia, took a turn for the silly as protesters unleashed "Gnome-aggedon" at the fast food giant's Victorian state headquarters in Collingwood – planting hundreds of angry gnomes on the steps of the main entrance.

"This is now the reckoning of the gnomes," chief spokeswoman Peta Freeman said. "McDonald's has refused to listen to humans, so the gnomes have taken over to state their opposition."

This gnome protest is a new strategy being used by Tecoma residents as part of an ongoing campaign to block McDonald's entering their community. After dropping plans to take the proposed McDonald's outlet to the Supreme Court last year, the group has continued to lobby McDonald's in the hope that they would reverse their decision.

YouTube link.

Fellow protester Jo McMahon said that allowing a McDonald's restaurant to be built will not only destroy "one of the most unique places in Australia", but will also set a precedent for other fast food chain developments.

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