Thursday, February 14, 2013

Husband fatally shot wife because she wouldn't stop talking

Joseph Hilton, 62, known as Danny, told a 911 operator his wife, Deborah Faile Hilton, 59, wouldn't stop talking, so he shot and killed her. "She just kept on and on and on and I just couldn't talk to her," Hilton said during a 911 call on Monday night.

When the 911 operator asked him why he shot her, Hilton replied, "We were in a domestic argument, and we just could not come to a conclusion." The arrest warrant says Hilton shot his wife once in the chest with a .45-calibre handgun.

After sheriff's deputies arrived and talked Hilton out of the mobile home in Kershaw, Lancaster County, South Carolina, they discovered her body about three feet from the front door.

Joseph Hilton has been charged with murder. He is being held in the Lancaster County Detention Center.


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