Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jess the Springer Spaniel feeds orphaned lamb

Louise Moorhouse, a sheep farmer from the Teign Valley in Devon relies on ten-year-old Jess the Springer Spaniel to help with her Texel flock.

YouTube link.

Via Tastefully Offensive.


fred said...

Really heartwarming. Thanks for sharing! My evil beast dog would've runn off with the bottle and had a good chew at it.

Anonymous said...

...Nice try, but STAGED. Please. A dog picks up a bottle and goes to feed a lamb (with the camera rolling).
Yeah that happens all the time.

obvious said...

Duh, anonymous. I'm sure it was their dog. He was probably trained to do this. You think that there just happens to be a full bottle lying around for a strange dog to pick up? It's just like any other owner who videotapes their pets doing something.