Monday, February 04, 2013

Lovestruck men stole wrong life-sized model cow to impress girl

A pair of lovestruck men who stole a life-sized model cow to impress a girl have been arrested by police in Blansko, Czech Republic. Pavel Hric, 19, and Joachim Cizek, 20, had the brainwave after overhearing the girl, Jana Brezikova, tell friends she loved cows.

So the would-be rustlers took the six foot high model, used to advertise chocolate, from outside a sweet shop. Then they carried it to the 18-year-old girl's home and left it under her bedroom window with a note declaring their love.

But the romantic gesture was rejected by the object of their desire. "They must be nuts to think that this plastic cow would win me over," she said. "And they clearly weren’t even listening to me properly because I said I think Jersey cows are sweet, not Friesian, which this obviously is," she added.

Now the pair are due in court next month to face theft charges. Police spokesman Iva Sebkova said: "They tried explaining they had found the cow abandoned in a street and wanted to return it. But the shop keeper had already watched his CCTV and seen them taking it away."

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