Monday, February 04, 2013

Man finds Jesus on fish-shaped section of beer case

It was an out of the ordinary discovery during an ordinary walk, says Bradenton, Florida, resident Fred Truluck. “I was on my way back from walking my dog, and looked to my right. There on the ground was a fish.” Actually, it was a section of a Corona beer case, in the shape of a fish. Truluck, a devout Christian, took the case home because of the religious symbolism of the fish.

That doesn't even compare to what he discovered next. “I had it on the table, turned it over to the back, for some reason, and I said, ‘Wow! There is Jesus!’” The inch-long white marking shows what Truluck says is a profile picture of Jesus. “It's right there; a kindergartner could see it.”

We wanted to see what Joe Davis sees. He's an assistant pastor at the Church of the Palms in Sarasota. “I don't think God goes and draws his face on a carton of beer.” Davis is happy the image provides Truluck with feelings of faith and hope, but believes and preaches that God is found elsewhere.

“If you are one of us that believes in the God of the Bible, the scripture teaches more is that God would rather show his image through the works and love of his people than interact in the world.” As for Truluck, he thinks the world of his new find. “Excited as I could ever be.” He says he plans to frame the case and keep it in his home. He hopes to one day hand it over to his children.


BoS said...

People like this scare me. I mean, he's allowed to vote, FFS!

Anonymous said...

And drive a car. And own a gun.


Anonymous said...

This article exceeds the limit for stupid.