Saturday, February 23, 2013

Man says neighbour scared his cat by slamming her toilet seat

An Oklahoma City man was cited for disturbing the peace after he banged on his neighbour's wall and told police the neighbour scared his cat by slamming a toilet seat.

Robert Eugene Burgess, 55, was arrested at about 9:45am on Wednesday on a complaint of disturbing the peace after his next-door neighbour, Dorothy Chrystal, reported he pounded on the shared wall of their apartment complex.

Police went to the building and talked with Chrystal, who said Burgess first started banging on her bathroom wall and yelling at 3am and then again at 9am while she was getting ready for work.

Chrystal said she doesn't slam the toilet seat because she never lifts it in the first place because she is a woman. The manager of the property said all the bathrooms are connected, including the floor above and below, and that it could have been one of those residents slamming a toilet seat. Burgess was given a citation and released.


Barbwire said...

Yet another amazing picture! Where do you find them?

arbroath said...

For news stories, mainly Google images.

The 'top' photos I find at a variety of websites from around the world, in languages I don't always understand. It can involve a lot of clicking on blind links.

Barbwire said...

I'm really impressed. There isn't another blog or site that comes close to your creativity. Thanks for all the time you spend to find these priceless images and stories!

arbroath said...

Thanks for your kind words, Barbwire!