Thursday, February 07, 2013

Man unhappy at voucher compensation for human tooth in chive and herb sausage

A man who says he found a human tooth in Tesco sausages is not happy with the vouchers worth £25 he was given in response. The supermarket giant has denied that the tooth, which has a filling, was there when it arrived at the Sheerness, Kent, store. Tony Hinds, 27, of Queenborough, bought a pack of the supermarket’s Finest chive and herb sausages in August.

He planned to use them to make sausage rolls for his birthday party. He claims when his fiancee pulled back the shrink-wrapping, she found something stuck in the side of a sausage. He said: “She thought it might be a bit of hard skin or a gristle. It’s only when she picked it up she realised what it was.” The couple arranged for someone at the store to meet them the next day.

An incident report was filled out and the tooth was sent for analysis. Tesco sent a letter in September, apologising for a “piece of bone” being found, along with a £15 voucher. Mr Hinds contacted the company again saying it was “quite clearly a human tooth”. Tesco confirmed it was a tooth, but said it could not be proved how it got there. An additional £10 coupon was included.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We are sorry for any upset caused by this incident. However, after a thorough investigation, we are confident the tooth was not inside the product when it arrived at the store.” Mr Hinds said: “It’s not about the compensation. I want some reasonable acknowledgement of what it was. I’m not a greedy person but at the end of the day a £25 giftcard for a human tooth is not acceptable.”


Anonymous said...

Looks like horsemeat is now the least of Tesco's problems...

Anonymous said...

You'd think everyone would have figured out the obvious by this point: DON'T BUY FOOD FROM TESCO.