Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One-legged fake police officer took neighbour on terrifying high-speed car chase

A one-legged man took his neighbour on a high-speed car chase after telling her he worked for police. David Barclay, 37, was driving Susan Kulwicki home from a shopping trip when he turned on flashing lights and took off in pursuit of what he said was a stolen car. He also muttered into a device she thought was a walkie-talkie.

Previously, Susan had seen Barclay wearing a police-style uniform and he also hinted he had links to the force in talks with her. The car chase happened on the A811 in Stirlingshire last April. Barclay’s disabled wife was also in the car. Ian Batho, prosecuting, said Barclay reacted after a vehicle raced past his Chrysler Sebring in the opposite direction.

Mr Batho added: “The accused said to Susan, ‘Hang on, that’s a stolen car’.” He added: “We’re in for a chase here.” Mr Batho said: “He then sped up and, while travelling at excessive speed, he overtook a number of vehicles. After a short while, he said, ‘Nope, he got away’.” Stirling Sheriff Court heard that Barcla, who had his leg amputated at the knee two years ago and has a prosthetic limb, befriended Susan after moving to Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire.

But weeks after the car chase, Susan became suspicious of his behaviour and called police. Stephen Maguire, defending, said Barclay had wanted to set up as a private investigator. The solicitor added: “But he has to concede that he had no clients and he had made no money. With hindsight, it was a pipe dream.” Jobless Barclay pleaded guilty to taking the designation of a police officer. Sheriff Wyllie Robertson deferred sentence for reports.

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