Friday, February 08, 2013

Richard Clayderman's serenading of tortoises failed to put them in the mood for anything

World-renowned pianist Richard Clayderman held a private concert at London Zoo yesterday to serenade endangered Galapagos tortoises, in an effort to encourage them to mate.

Clayderman, 59, whose track "Ballade Pour Adeline" is one of the biggest selling recordings of all time, played the famous tune on a grand piano transported to the zoo's giant tortoise enclosure.

Clayderman said he jumped at the chance to perform for the endangered species.

YouTube link.

The zoo's Galapagos tortoises, 70-year-old Dirk and his three female companions, Dolores, 13, and Dolly and Polly, both 17, remained emotionless at their private recital, despite the hope that the romantic music would make them more amorous.

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Big Harv said...

Look on the turtle's face is like a really grumpy old man. He looks grouchily at his mate as if to say "Can you believe they brought a effing piano player in here now?" then they watch him play, relaxing a bit, allowing their shells to touch the ground. Which is the most the zoo should have hoped for, as that music certainly didn't make me want to have sex, and I'm a human, for crying out loud.