Saturday, February 09, 2013

Runaway goat in Brooklyn captured by former West African goat herder

A  runaway goat was cornered in the parking lot of Brooklyn Interfaith Medical Center early on Thursday  An officer on patrol spotted him galloping down Atlantic Avenue wreaking havoc, and called for backup.

Half a dozen officers gave chase, catching up with the escaped goat about a mile away, where it refused to surrender. It turns out though that a parking lot attendant from West Africa who was at the scene was a goat herder in his native country.

“I told them ‘Do not harm the animal, it’s an easy animal, it’s very friendly but it just was a little scared,’” Seydou Ndiaye explained. Ndiaye intially took a rope and formed a lasso, but the goat ran away.

YouTube link.

A little while later, the animal was caught by the horns. It was tied up and loaded into the back of a police car. It’s not clear where the goat came from, but it did have a tag in its ear. It may have been escaping a slaughterhouse.

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