Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shopping centre will no longer tolerate screaming children

Noisy children will no longer be tolerated in an Australian shopping centre in a move that one parenting expert says reflects society's growing intolerance. The Dee Why Grand on Sydney's northern beaches, which claims to cater for young families, has introduced its new policy following complaints about out-of-control children.

The notice from centre management reads: "Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre." Centre manager Brenda Mulcahy said staff and customers complained about children "running amok" and "screaming" in the food court, near the centre's playground for children aged under five.

She said children were sometimes so loud she could hear their screams in her office, which was "miles away". "People deserve the quiet enjoyment of their cup of tea," Ms Mulcahy said. "Mothers have to be more responsible. We have had so many complaints." She said some staff avoided the food court because they found the noise "unbearable".

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A sign asking children not to scream was put up before Christmas but, after more complaints, the strongly worded sign went up last week. Parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson said it was a reflection on society becoming increasingly intolerant of young children and parents.


BoS said...

Yay for Australia. Children should be raised on farms somewhere out in the country at a safe (and peaceful) distance from civilised society and only when they've been trained to properly behave (somewhere around 25 or so) should they be allowed full citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Why should people be 'tolerant' of ill-behaved children (or adults, for that matter?) Children will never behave better in public than they do at home. If a dog can be taught to 'sit and stay', why is it so difficult for parents to teach their children the same 'trick'?

Ratz said...

I think it's less intolerance and more people demanding common basic courtesy. If you can't be bothered to raise your children in a civilized manner, don't expect other people to do it for you, or other people to put up with your laziness.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just put up some soundproof walls around the children's area or the dining area -that seems simple enough

Dunex said...

If someone tried that where I live there would be an uproar and general whining.
Big up for common sense!