Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Council boss offers personal apology after binman pooed on resident's driveway

The chief executive of a council has offered to apologise in person to a pensioner after a binman defecated on the homeowner's drive. The homeowner had complained to Malvern Hills District Council after he discovered the binman’s excrement and soiled toilet roll blowing down the driveway outside his home in Ryall, near Upton, Worcestershire. The binman has admitted fouling the man’s drive and although he has been disciplined, council leaders say he will keep his job.

They declined to discuss the nature of his punishment but said he offered to apologise personally. The resident said the man could have asked to use the toilet at the house. He said: “It’s pretty vile.” Although it was cleaned up and disinfected, the man, who had expected the binman to be suspended, saw him doing his rounds a few days later. He then wrote to the council demanding £1,500, based on the fact the council can fine people up to £1,000 for dog fouling.

The pensioner feels the binman is only apologising at all because he has been told to by his bosses at the council rather than because he feels any remorse for fouling his drive. He said: "I'm not interested in that kind of apology. It was suggested to him at the disciplinary hearing that it would be better for him to apologise - well, that's not the sort of apology I'm interested in. It’s like telling a two-year-old 'say you're sorry'. They don’t mean it. It's just to satisfy mummy and daddy."

Chris Bocock, chief executive at Malvern Hills District Council, said: "As soon as the incident was reported to us by the customer we accepted full responsibility and took immediate action by sending out an operative to make sure the area was cleaned and sanitised. I shall be meeting with him to offer my personal apologies in an attempt to resolve the situation. The issue of a lack of toilet facilities for our staff who are on the road all day is of course a sensitive one particularly in rural areas where there are far fewer amenities. We are reviewing our current practices to see if we can make any improvements."

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