Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Falling block of frozen matter wrecks caravan

A woman was not a happy camper when a lump of frozen human waste destroyed her £5,000 caravan after it fell to earth from a passing plane. The huge “brown and yellow” icicle, probably from the jumbo jet’s toilets, smashed into the static vehicle owned by restaurant owner Caroline Guy.

Caroline, 52, was woken up by the sound of an “explosion” at 7am on Saturday and initially thought she was being burgled. She investigated in her home but couldn’t find anything suspicious until 3pm the same day when she went to clean her static caravan which is on her land in Pattingham, Staffordshire.

Caroline was stunned after finding an 18 inch hole in the roof – and another exactly the same size through the floor. There was smashed ice all over the inside of the caravan and a massive lump on the ground underneath – which she has now kept in her freezer.The frozen block of ice had fallen from the sky and smashed through the caravan above the bathroom.

YouTube link.

Caroline was in the process of trying to sell the caravan for £5,000, but says it is now worthless. A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority has admitted the ice was probably the result of a “leak” from a plane – and possibly from the lavatories. Caroline said: “The caravan is a complete write off. I’ve checked with the Civil Aviation Authority and they say no-one is liable. But someone should be – I could have died.”

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