Sunday, March 10, 2013

Irish politician warns of dangers of fraping

When the Oireachtas communications committee were discussing the abuse of social media, Galway Senator Fidelma Healy Eames raised the issue of fraping.

She was discussing the difficulties parents have keeping up with their children online when she said: “Take for example the form of fraping – where you’re raped on Facebook, where a youngster has their status open and another person puts a message on there as if they wrote it.

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“That message could be for example sexual, and that goes out into the world as if they said it – this type of thing has to stop”, she said.

The Senator called for controls to be put in place to stop ‘fraping’ occurring.


Ratz said...

She really needs to find better things to do than make up words for some silly bugger leaving their computer unlocked.

Heck, she could start with the unwanted horses dumped at the side of the road in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Just info: she didn't; that's sadly/oddly what it's called when that happens. Like "spam" -Internet defined it

Anonymous said...

I agree: Facebook has to stop! Ban it!