Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lady with stolen safe led police on car chase

An Indiana woman is facing numerous charges after police say she caused a chase while under the influence of drugs. Jackson County sheriff's deputies got a call at around 7:00pm on  Friday about a possible intoxicated driver. A short time later, an officer noticed the vehicle going down the road in Seymour with no taillights and tried pull over the vehicle.

Police said Christy Clayton, 27, then sped away and led officers on a chase, despite crashing into items along the way. A police report says Clayton eventually pulled over at a house, and when an officer tried to arrest her, she suddenly sped toward the police cruiser. The officer was able to swerve to barely avoid getting hit. Additional officers then joined the chase, which came to an end when Clayton crashed into a ditch.

Police said she initially put her hands up and surrendered as officers approached her, but changed her mind and ran off. Clayton fell into a ditch a short distance later and was arrested and taken to a hospital. Toxicology results indicate she was under the influence of meth and benzodiazepine. In fact, the police report quotes a doctor as saying he doesn't understand how Clayton was able to operate a vehicle.

Detectives said that as they searched Clayton's vehicle at the scene, they found drug paraphernalia and a stolen safe. Clayton told officers she took the safe because she thought there were drugs inside. Clayton is facing charges of operating while intoxicated, criminal recklessness, possession of stolen property, resisting law enforcement and possession of a hypodermic needle. According to the police report, when officers asked Clayton why she ran, she responded, "I was tired and wanted to go home, and I got scared because I am on probation."


Candy said...

She's a two bagger!

(A female so nasty ugly that you have to put two bags over her head during sex just in case she chews through the first one.)

Phill said...

That's a lady?

Anonymous said...

What? She looks hot (in an exotic way) too me...uh huh. The crazy ones are the best.