Thursday, March 14, 2013

Madam to close business after theft of her tools of the trade to become truck driver in a mine

The only Madam in Alice Springs, Australia, has threatened to sell up her escort agency and leave town after some tools of the trade were stolen from her car while she was on a job. Minnie Maid owner operator Tracey Randall said the robbery on Sunday of her bag of tricks, containing vibrators, a strap-on dildo, condoms, and other booty, was the "last straw".

The passenger window of her blue Holden Cruz hatchback was smashed while she was doing overtime with a customer at the White Gum Motel around 3.30am on Sunday. She estimated the damage and robbery cost her $1600, plus lost time when she cannot work because she was without a car. "I'm fed up with it," Ms Randall, 48, who has been in town for 13 years, said.

"I've had enough of the violence and the crime in town and there's nothing done about it. There's one law for one and one law for others." Ms Randall employs one other girl and they run the only agency in town, serving about 30 customers each week. But she said business is down about 60 per cent in the last four years. "People are just leaving town because of the crime," she said.

"People aren't socialising anymore. They're not leaving their homes because they come home and find their house violated." Ms Randall plans to move move to Cairns, where she owns property. She then hopes to train as a mine truck driver in WA or Queensland. "They're crying out for female drivers," she said. "They feel females are easier on the vehicles."

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