Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Man taking shortcut home became trapped between walls

A Chinese man's shortcut between two walls left him with cuts and bruises and almost cost him his life when he got stuck and couldn't go forwards or backwards. Jian Tsui had been heading home from a bar at one a.m. at Xinqiao village in Wenzhou at Zhejiang province in eastern China when he got into difficulties.

He said: "It was very early in the morning and it was also a cold so I decided just to take a shortcut. But I got stuck and realised I was going nowhere – so I tried to go back but then I realised that I couldn't go back either. I tried calling for help but I couldn't even breathe in properly so that I could shout."

He said that by the time somebody on their way to work noticed him in the morning he was freezing cold and was worried he might end up dying in the enclosed space. Other villagers tried to pull him out  but he ended up cutting his face and hands on the bricks.

Eventually one of the home owners allowed volunteers to smash a hole in the wall so that he could be taken into their front room. Jian was allowed to continue on his way home without any medical treatment, but it's going to be costly for him – he needs to arrange for the wall that was knocked down to be repaired.

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