Friday, March 01, 2013

Man who took over 70,000 photos of women walking past his home placed on sex register

An Aberdeen man who took more than 70,000 photos of women walking past his flat has been placed on the sex offenders register for three years. Oil worker Andrew Lawrence admitted a breach of the peace by taking the shots without the women's permission for his sexual gratification.

Police uncovered 71,600 images on his laptop and camera after a tip-off. The 45-year-old was placed on a community payback order and a three-year supervision order. Aberdeen Sheriff Court had previously heard that Lawrence became interested in photography in 2009 when he bought the camera to take on holiday.

Photo from here.

Lawrence told police in an interview that he then began taking pictures of passers-by and his collection grew from there. He stressed to officers during interviews that he was not a threat to the women. Sheriff Graeme Napier said the incident could not be described as a one-off.

Defence lawyer Gregor Kelly said: "Mr Lawrence is 45-years-old with an unblemished record. He has let himself, friends and family down badly and breached the trust of the community in which he lives. He wishes to apologise and welcomes the opportunity to rehabilitate and become a useful member of society."


BoS said...

I saw this on the news yesterday and I still don't understand why what he did was criminal. It's not illegal to take a photograph of someone in a public place, so why is taking pictures of women walking past your house not only a crime but the most stigmatising of all offences, a sex crime? It makes no sense.

arbroath said...

I don't understand it either.