Monday, March 11, 2013

Man with history of bestiality charged with assault and death of Guinea fowl

A man from New Chicago who has served time in prison for repeated incidents involving bestiality was arrested again on Friday on three felony charges.

Michael Bessigano, 42, was arrested by Lake County Sheriff’s Police officers on felony charges of bestiality, killing a domestic animal, and torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal.

According to police, Bessigano rode his bicycle to Buckley Homestead County Park, entered a building housing Guinea fowl, sexually assaulted one of them, killed it, then tried to hide the dead bird in a nearby trash barrel. Lake County Sheriff’s Police officers searched his residence and recovered feathers from the dead bird.

They confiscated blue jeans he was wearing that were covered in blood. Police also found a substantial amount of bestiality pornography, a large rubber wolf head mask, and an altar surrounded by candles. Bessigano has faced similar charges in the past, including a 2001 incident with a chicken in a hotel room in Valparaiso.


Anonymous said...

Looks like his parents were related before they were married.

Miss Liss said...

At least he took the chicken to a hotel.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that the only time you find out a TV stars real name is when they go off the rails and do something silly. It has worked well for RDJ and Mr Sheen, however it seems David Schwimmer has failed to pull this off.