Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nude Olympics stripped of its name

Olympic officials have ordered the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics to find a new name. The Australian Olympic Committee sent a letter to organisers prohibiting them from using "Olympics" in the title. Event organiser Debbie Pillar said the ban was a "massive overreaction".

"They need to get a life if they think we're a threat to them," Ms Pillar said. "We don't make money out of their name and we haven't got enough money to fight them over it." The Maslin Beach Nude Olympics has used the name since it started in 1983.

An AOC spokesman said it had sent a "polite letter" to the event organisers warning them to change the name. "The word Olympic and the Olympic symbols are covered by the Olympic Insignia Protection Act ... they are protected," he said.

"We are protecting our property just like the AFL, NRL or any other group. We have not singled these people out ... they are breaking the law." The event involves races and competitions, including sack-racing, donut eating, treasure hunts and the Best Bum award.

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Gelvan Tullibole 3rd said...

Call it the "Nude Olympiad" (Which is the correct and uncopyrightable term.) and tell them to go to Greece and stay there until they prove that no one has ever used the word before the Olympic committee did.