Sunday, March 10, 2013

Police say if you've bought anything from this man it might be stolen

Police are looking for people who might have bought stolen property from a Godfrey man. “It’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in 20-plus years of law enforcement,” Capt. Mike Dixon of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department said of the skull-like tattoo over the suspect’s face. “I’ve seen horns on foreheads and stars on necks, but I’ve never seen a skull on a face. I can’t explain it. It’s just odd.”

Authorities charged the man, Adam G. Roberts, 24, of Godfrey, Illinois, with three felony burglary charges on Friday. They say evidence links him to thefts from storage units at Self Storage. Someone cut through a chain-link fence around the facility and broke into 28 units last month, Dixon said. Electronics, video game equipment, televisions and other items were taken. The burglaries were discovered on Feb. 17.

On Wednesday, authorities searched a home in Alton where Roberts had lived and found evidence that they say linked him to the burglaries. But he wasn’t there. OnThursday afternoon, authorities tracked Roberts down at a home in Alton and took him into custody. He was held in lieu of $60,000 bail. Authorities say they’ve recovered $1,000 worth of stolen property taken in the burglaries, but they believe Roberts or an accomplice may have sold some of the other items.

And if you bought anything, you’d remember him, Dixon said. “There probably isn’t another guy out there with that tattoo, so if they bought something from someone with a skull tattoo in the St. Louis area, it’s probably this guy,” he said. Missing items include a compact refrigerator, televisions, fishing equipment, DVDs, paintings, an antique chest of drawers, an oval mirror and a sewing machine. Deputies ask anyone with information to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.


Ratz said...

He's certainly not the only person with a skull tattoo: (it's uneventful for the first minute)

arbroath said...

Blimey, I wasn't expecting that.

Ratz said...

arbroath: There's a "making of" video and he comments (when he's all made up) that if he was going to pull a prank on someone, now would be a good time.

arbroath said...