Saturday, March 09, 2013

Van driver's police puddle splash case dismissed

A man charged with a motoring offence after driving his van through a puddle that splashed a police community support officer (PCSO) had his case dismissed after an eight-month inquiry. Mick Davidson, 60, from Puckeridge, was accused of driving "without reasonable consideration" in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, last June. He was said to have created a wall of water which covered the officer.

The case was dismissed due to "irregularities" in police evidence. Mr Davidson, a former bathroom fitter, appeared at Stevenage Magistrates' Court accused of driving through a "large puddle" on the High Street. "I didn't even know anyone had been soaked and I couldn't believe it when two police officers turned up on my doorstep three days later," he said. "I'd been driving home in my VW transporter van, not recklessly, but the weather was foul and the highway was flooded."

Police said his actions produced a "large wall of water, approximately six feet (1.8m) high, showering and completely covering" the officer, named on court papers as "PCSO Moore". However, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said "an irregularity with the recording of evidence by the police became apparent" which meant it could no longer proceed. A spokeswoman said: "The CPS offered no evidence and the case was dismissed."

Mr Davidson said he was not working at the moment because he is having to care for his son who has had a series of strokes. "I'm so happy it's over because it's put me and my family under enormous pressure, but I've had no apology or further contact from the police or CPS," he said. Hertfordshire Police said it was looking to see "if any lessons could be learned" from the inquiry. "We are reviewing the investigation of this incident to understand exactly why the case could not proceed," a spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

Why would he get an apology? He caused criminal damage to a pedestrian through wilful neglect. He is fortunate not to be charged due to a technicality.
Too many car drivers seem to think they can drive through flood water and soak people on the pavement with impunity. It is not an act of god, it is reckless driving

Anonymous said...

You clearly have had this happen to you. The police are too sensitive and expect to be treated like royalty. The weather was bad and like he said, he didn't know anything had happpened until three days later. Poor little officer got wet. My heart goes out to this poor man and his family and the officer who complained should be disciplined immediatley. What a baby, complaining because he got wet. They make me laugh. The elderly gentleman deserves an apology. He did not commit a crime.