Tuesday, March 05, 2013

World's first panda-themed hotel soon to open in China

To the Chinese, pandas represent love, happiness, warmth and nature.

Jian Qin, founder of The Panda Hotel located at Emei Mountain in Sichuan province, says the venture is an opportunity to promote the panda spirit to the whole world and raise awareness for the protection of the environment.

All the hotel's facilities, which is  due to open its doors in May, are related to pandas, including the slippers, towels and pyjamas, and the staff wear giant panda suits.

YouTube link.

Mr Qin believes pandas are not just for China to enjoy but the whole world. He says he hopes to open more panda-themed hotels in London, Paris and New York if the first one is a success.


Brixter said...

That's a Furry's dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm in heaven!