Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dog found clinging to kite surfer rescued by lifeboat

A kite surfer and a lifeboat crew have rescued a dog 300 yards (274m) off the Lincolnshire coast. Storm, a Staffordshire bull terrier, got into difficulty while swimming in the sea on Saturday afternoon.

The crew of the Skegness-based inshore lifeboat Peterborough Beer Festival IV arrived to find the dog clinging to the kite surfer who had happened across the terrified dog shortly before the lifeboat arrived.

Photo by RNLI/Adam Holmes.

Helmsman Dean Sumner said: "He was absolutely exhausted by the time we reached him. Once the kite surfer had let him go he bobbed below the surface and that was when we were able to grab him.

"He was very cold and other members of my team were able to quickly warm him up and bring him round a little," he said. Mr Sumner added: "Storm's owner did the right thing and called the coastguard for help. The worst thing pet owners can do is enter the water themselves - things can quickly go wrong."

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