Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hot shave plan went awry when can of shaving cream being heated on kitchen stove exploded

Fire engines and an ambulance rushed to a quiet residential street in Largo, Florida, on Wednesday morning after a man called 911 to report an explosion.

Emergency responders found the man waiting outside a home on Sixth Avenue NE. He had a red gash under one eye and white liquid on his shirt. The liquid, he told them, was shaving cream.

The unidentified man, aged about 50, just wanted a hot shave, said Largo Fire Division Chief Dave Mixson. So he heated his can of shaving cream on the kitchen stove. The can blew up, hurling aluminum shards at his face.

"Not a good idea, in my estimation," Mixson said. The man's injuries appeared to be minor, Mixson added, but he was taken by ambulance to Largo Medical Center for closer inspection. There was no damage to the house. It isn't advisable to heat metal cans, Mixson said.

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