Friday, April 12, 2013

Swan lay egg on busy road

A swan brought traffic to a standstill in Obermenzing, Munich, Germany when it stopped to lay an egg on a busy city road.

Motorists were left amazed as the swan refused to budge despite the traffic speeding past and insisted on remaining by its egg - seemingly without any concern over the problems she was causing.

Motorists who were brought to a halt by the swan who was sitting in the middle of the road called police - who were also left surprised by the swan's unusual actions. Policeman Stephan Moser said: "The swan was extremely stubborn, she just didn't want to move from the egg having laid it. Car drivers were beeping their horns, some people shouted at the swan to move, but she showed no signs of taking any notice."

A bird expert suggested that the swan might have been a young bird that was taken by surprise at the fact she had laid an egg - but having done so her natural instinct to stay and protect it kicked in. An animal sanctuary took mother and egg away and are keeping the egg in an incubator to see whether it hatches.

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