Monday, May 13, 2013

BBC Radio Stoke DJ pulled off last show early after going on air having had 'a couple of drinks'

Paula White started her last show on BBC Radio Stoke at 1pm on Friday afternoon but 30 minutes later she was replaced after listeners presumed she was drunk.

One text from a listener said “Paula you sound drunk” to which Paula replied “I’m not drunk, I’ve had a couple of drinks I’m not drunk” followed by a long laugh.

YouTube link. Audio link.

Because it was her last show Paula said she was not playing the songs she was supposed to play but would take requests because she was having a party. Computer equipment failed to work which led to moments of silence and filling. After 30 minutes fellow presenter Dan Siegertsz appeared after a song saying Paula was not quite feeling well so took the rest of the afternoon off.

A BBC Spokesperson said: “Paula White was unable to continue on-air as she was under par. Fortunately Denholm Siergertz was on hand to take over the show and listeners were able to enjoy the usual lively mix of chat and local news. We can confirm that this was Paula’s last show in the afternoon weekday slot on BBC Radio Stoke.“

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