Monday, May 06, 2013

Two-year-old rescued after climbing ladder onto roof of hotel

A man scrambled up a drain pipe after spotting a toddler on the roof of an Oxford hotel. The two-year-old boy had climbed a ladder and walked across a flat roof to the ridge of a high pitched roof at the Tree Hotel, Church Way, Iffley on Friday.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “A passer-by climbed up a drainpipe and scrambled up the pitched roof to the child who was precariously perched on the ridge.” Fire crews attended with a hydraulic platform. The spokesman said: “They were confronted with a man holding a child stuck on the roof and a female, believed to be the mother, also stuck on the roof having made an attempt to reach the child.

“The fire service, using ladders, rescued the child and the two adults and handed the toddler back to the shocked parents.” The spokesman said: “The brave actions of the member of the public made sure that the child was safe and the fire service could bring everyone down to the ground.”

Manager Namit Julka said: “I was behind the bar when the mother came in saying that the child had gone up. I went outside to help, came back in and phoned the fire brigade. A guest then climbed up to stay with the child and calm them down. The fire brigade arrived shortly after and everything ended fine.”

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