Thursday, July 04, 2013

Man jailed for looting nephew's piggy bank and spending money on drugs and prostitutes

A Missouri man was sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday.

31-year-old Baron Calmese was given the prison term for taking over $500 from his four-year-old nephew's piggy bank.

Investigators say Calmese was visiting his sister's home when he asked to borrow two dollars in quarters. The woman told Calmese he could get the coins from the child's piggy bank.

However, Calmese emptied the bank instead, then spent the boy's money on drugs and prostitutes.


Supercool said...

What 5 year old has 500 in their piggy bank? And what person deserves 7 years in prison for that?

Phill said...

7 years? What the hell Missouri!! What about a slap upside the head from his sister. Surely that would have sufficed..

Anonymous said...

Rabid animal. Put it down.