Monday, August 05, 2013

Woman horrified at temerity of bus driver who put his foot on dashboard

A "horrified " woman took this photo of a bus driver relaxing with his foot up on the dashboard as he drove along a road in Derby. Michelle Knowles said the driver of Arriva's Number 37 bus left his leg propped up for several minutes while the bus travelled along, and only put his foot down to go around a corner.

Mrs Knowles had caught the bus home from the supermarket with her three young children. She was so shocked that she took a photograph of what was happening on her mobile phone. She telephoned Arriva to complain and was told that action would be taken – but said she wanted to know what would happen to the driver.

The 23-year-old said: "I was totally horrified, that driver put my three children at risk and I think Arriva should explain to me what will happen to him now. I took a photo of him with his leg up on my phone because I didn't think anyone would believe me.

"I don't think any of the other passengers saw," she said. "He had one foot on the accelerator and the other he was just resting and relaxing." Mrs Knowles said her husband Howard, 34, "couldn't believe it" when she told him. "He was disgusted," she said. "We normally drive but on this particular day I'd caught the bus for convenience and I'll certainly think twice before doing it again."


Anonymous said...

"She was so shocked that she took a photograph of what was happening on her mobile phone."

So this all happone3d on her mobile phone? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that above comments are made by people who drive. Bus drivers have to follow certain rules here in Australia and resting your foot on the dashboard when it should be on the floor is a big deal. How about a bus driver who falls asleep while driving or uses his mobile phone. As far as I am concerned she has something to complain about.

Anonymous said...

I see your driver-with-foot-on-dash and raise you this driver:

Anonymous said...

Bus drivers using automatic transmission systems such as this one, use their right foot for both pedals to avoid confusion in situations where emergency application of the brake is required. Having the left foot further away, such as on the dashboard is probably ever so slightly safer than having it on the floor whereally it is still possible to use both pedals at once. Maybe look into it a bit Mrs Knowles before making a big deal ��