Monday, September 02, 2013

Rickina the orphaned baby orangutan is a little bundle of joy

Rickina, a baby orangutan who now lives at the Ketapang Orangutan Rescue Center in Indonesian Borneo was recently confiscated from a man who claimed he had encountered a mother orangutan with the baby in the forest, and that the mother was so startled that she abandoned the baby and ran away.

Animal caretakers are dubious about that story, saying mother orangutans are fiercely protective of their young. The man picked up Rickina, and in doing so apparently caused a gaping wound on her head with his machete.

YouTube link.

You can learn more about IAR Ketapang where Rickina is being cared for here.


Barbwire said...

Why is one of the babies completely hairless? It looks like one of those poor hairless cats.

arbroath said...

I'd noticed that also, Barbwire.

I don't know why, but imagine that's one of the reasons it's at the rescue centre.

Stress, maybe?

Barbwire said...

That seems logical. Thanks!