Friday, October 18, 2013

Man accused of firing real gun at invisible person he was chasing

Police in Florida have charged a man with aggravated battery for opening fire on an invisible person he believed he was chasing. Roger Sartori, 53,of Brooksville in Hernando County, was arrested on Monday. Deputies say Sartori's daughter and boyfriend returned home to find Sartori talking to himself and people that were not there.

Sartori's daughter said she went to change for bed and that is when she heard crashing and banging noises coming from outside the bedroom door. Sartori was reportedly heard saying, "So you guys are gonna take my things from me and want to play these games, huh?" The couple said they then heard Sartori start chasing invisible people and yelling, "Get back here!"

She reportedly told detectives that is when she saw a flash of light outside the bedroom window and heard two gunshots. She said she never saw her father with a gun. Sartori's daughter and her boyfriend told police they fled the house because they feared for their own safety. According to an arrest report, when the couple fled, they looked back and saw Sartori leaning out a bedroom window, pointing a black assault rifle at them, and watching them as they left the area.

When deputies arrived, they say Sartori denied every shooting a gun and threatening anyone with a gun. Sartori reportedly told deputies he had a cap gun that did not have real bullets. Deputies say they did not find a cap gun in the residence but did find three handguns, a long gun and an assault rifle. An arrest report notes that a Smith & Wesson . 22 was found loaded with six cartridges. However, four had been discharged. Sartori was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. He is being held on $2,500 bond. If released he will be tested for drug or alcohol use weekly.

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