Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deer broke into school, broke out, then tried to break in again

A four-legged vandal broke into a building at a school in Garrett, Indiana on Tuesday just before 8:30am.

A young buck burst through the window of a computer lab, ran around inside, avoided breaking any equipment, then broke out a different window. The deer then ran full speed toward a set of doors. It slammed into them head-first, but didn't make it through.

Jim Slain, Garrett's director of school safety, said this isn't the first time a deer has broken into the school. "This is the third one we've had. For some reason it comes this time of year," Slain said. Slain was thankful no one came into contact with the deer.

YouTube link.

"Five minutes later, this classroom would have had 15 to 20 elementary kids in it. Luckily there was nobody in the classroom," Slain said. Maintenance crews quickly replaced the broken windows. They cleaned up broken glass and blood. Eventually, the young buck ran off.

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