Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Affectionate jewellery store thieves repeatedly told each other 'I love you, brother'

Three affectionate sledgehammer-wielding burglars were caught on camera smashing their way into a jewellery store in Broomfield, Colorado at around 4:45am on Sunday.

In the surveillance video, the suspects are seen breaking in through a side window. They are calm and collected as they proceed to break jewellery cases and take what's inside. As they're doing so, they repeatedly tell each other, "I love you, brother."

"They're loving each other and calling each other brother the whole time. Why you're invading someone else's space and talking about how much love you have for each other is kind of disturbing," said Tim Nichols, the president of the store.

"It was maddening and disturbing," Nichols added. The suspects got away with more than 30 pieces of jewellery. The whole process took about a minute.

With news video.

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