Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lady injured after porcupine fell from lamppost onto her head

A porcupine plummeted from a lampost and landed on a woman's the head in the Gávea district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Wednesday night.

Sandra Nabucco, 52, was walking his dog when the incident happened. She was left with about 200 spikes lodged in her scalp and had to be sent to the hospital to receive medical help.

"It was a huge shock. I was walking with my dog when out of nowhere, I felt a thud in my head. I looked down, I saw a critter. I put my hand on my head and felt the thorns. The pain was enormous" she said. Sandra says that in the clinic, everyone was impressed with what had happened to her.

"I was still a little disoriented. Was attended by the surgeon on duty, who takes the thorns of my scalp with forceps. All without anesthesia. I and the doctor stopped counting counting when we got to 150, but there must have been around 200." Sandra is now taking antibiotics to accelerate the healing of the holes and prevent infection.

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