Thursday, January 23, 2014

Man claims compensation from utilty company after preventing power cuts through prayer

A South African man is claiming R250 million (£1.4m, $2.3) from power company Eskom for preventing power cuts through his own prayers.

Nelson Thabo Modupe, of Lichtenburg, has argued that he prevented power cuts during the 2010 Soccer World Cup and claims he should be compensated.

In a letter to Eskom, he said the main reason for load-shedding was lightning and wind, and that he had he became a member of the Zion Christian Church and taken it upon himself to pray to God and ask that no power cuts took place.

As a result, Eskom now owes him R250m, because he saved the company the burden and humiliation of load shedding. Alternatively, Eskom can offer him a partnership in the company. The claim has been placed on the court roll in the North West High Court for Thursday.

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