Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Polish priest condemns sacrilegious toilet paper

A priest has publicly accused the manufacturers of a brand of toilet paper of sacrilege, claiming that the lamb printed on their product is ‘the Lamb of God’ and therefore an attack on the church.

Father Stanisław Szyszka gave a sermon in Zakopane, accusing the makers of the Lambi brand of loo roll of insulting Catholics. While many would see the lamb as a symbol of softness and comfort, the priest claimed the image was a deliberate anti-clerical attack.

Father Szyszka  told his congregation that the image on the toilet paper was just like the figures of lambs that Catholics have in their homes at Easter. He said: “It’s insulting to Catholics that the image so close to us and identified with the Lord Jesus is used for toilet paper.

“We Catholics cannot reconcile to the image of the Lamb of God on things like toilet paper.” A spokesperson for Metsä Tissue, the Finnish firm which produces Lambi, said the product had been sold in 30 countries for 20 years, and that nobody had previously seen anything untoward about the image.


Anonymous said...

i vote belligerent attention seeker

WilliamRocket said...

Bet he is happy to munch down on a lamb.