Thursday, January 23, 2014

Restaurant has all its tables and chairs stolen

Police believe burglars stole “to order” when they took every piece of furniture from a restaurant.


Officers investigating the incident at the Thai Café in Saltford, Bath, Somerset, said it was one of the most unusual crimes they had come across. Owner David Appleby was confronted with an empty dining room when he went to open up last week. Thieves had made off with all the tables and chairs.

Police said they believe the items were targeted by professional criminals “stealing to order”. Mr Appleby, who runs the business with his head chef wife, said: “I just can’t believe what’s happened. The police say they’ve never seen anything like it. They were completely baffled.”

Mr Appleby added: “When I walked in and saw what they’d done I was in shock. You don’t really understand why. It’s bizarre.” Andy Hodges, of Bath CID said: “This is a most unusual burglary and theft and there is no clear explanation as to why someone would steal tables and chairs. Presumably they were stolen to order.”

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