Thursday, January 23, 2014

Woman recovering after car swept off road by avalanche of slurry

A woman is recovering after her car was swept off a road by an avalanche of slurry in Co Limerick, Ireland on Monday night after a tank on a hill ruptured.

The Doon to Cappamore Road in east Limerick was after the spillage of an estimated 50,000 gallons of slurry onto the road. The surge was so powerful that a car carrying a woman was washed off the road and into a field at around 9.45pm. The female driver was taken from the car by a local man who responded to her screams .

The woman, who is from Cappamore, did not sustain any injuries but is said to suffering from shock. A hearse and another car narrowly escaped the spillage which came from a slurry pit on a hilltop farm. A number of houses nearby were damaged by the spillage and will have to be cleaned and the cost of the incident is expected to be several thousand euros.

A source at the scene said: “It must have been like an avalanche. The slurry smashed through the slurry tank wall and it ran down a hill about 50 yards from the road. There was a woman driving a car and she was swept across the road with the force if it.”


BoS said...

Seems it's not just George (Gideon) Osborne who can spew crap.

The stench must've been horrendous.

arbroath said...

You mean Gidiot.

And yes, I imagine it didn't smell best.