Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Burglar took a nap on sofa next to victim's housemate before stealing his mobile phone

Police are looking for a suspected burglar who fell asleep on his victim's sofa before stealing his mobile phone and fleeing the scene. The slumbering thief is thought to have entered a house in Hulme, south of Manchester, via an unlocked front door and fallen asleep in the living room.

One of the men living at the address watched television for around two hours next the dozing intruder but assumed he was a friend of his housemate. The victim went upstairs for a shower and heard the front door closing and shortly after discovered his housemate had no idea who the visitor was.

When the pair checked their possessions they realised a mobile phone had been stolen from a table in the living room. The mysterious burglar is thought to have entered the house between 5am and 1pm on Wednesday and was described as a white male in his early 20s, 5ft 10in tall and of slim, athletic build with short, dark hair which was spikey on top.

A spokesman for GMP's South Manchester Division, said: "It is unclear how this man has come to be sleeping in the living room - whether he's entered the property by mistake or he is an intruder who has fallen asleep. However, what we are satisfied the victim's phone has been stolen and we are now looking to identify this man and speak to him regarding the incident."

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