Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chinese man fined for driving fake Mercedes

A Chinese man who adapted his car to resemble a Mercedes-Benz in order to appear more successful has been fined for illegally modifying his vehicle, which was later seized by the police.

The man, surnamed Zhuo, in Fuzhou, Fujian Province of China was pulled over by police for driving without licence plates last week. Upon further inspection, the police found that the car was registered as a BYD, a budget Chinese sedan.

It was later decorated with Mercedes emblems and bonnet ornament. Zhou admitted that he disguised his car as a Mercedes to seem more successful in the eyes of his relatives and friends.

Police impounded Zhuo's car and confiscated his licence. He was additionally fined 1,700 yuan (£170, $ 280) for driving without plates and illegally modifying his vehicle.

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Julier said...

That's not fair. I can see that he might have to register it as a look-alike or an imitation Mercedes but he should be able to keep it. We don't get our fake Gucci bags taken away!