Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Donkey penis stopped at customs

A declaration of food items revealed an unusual delicacy during biosecurity inspections at Wellington International Airport in New Zealand last month.

But much to the surprise of Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) staff a passenger on a flight from China produced a 29 centimetre (with the end cut off) donkey phallus from their luggage.

An MPI spokesman said the Chinese passenger was travelling from China to Wellington and had declared they were carrying food. Upon inspection of their bags the penis was found, along with other donkey meat, the spokesman said.

Both items were destroyed and although they could not bring it into the country, the person did not face prosecution as they had declared the food upon arrival, the spokesman said. The eating of male animal genitalia is not uncommon in China, with restaurant chain Guo Li Zhuang specialising in dishes prepared from the nether regions of a number of species, including horse, ox, donkey, deer and even dog.

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