Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Hunt for man who surfed on top of outboard motor in driverless boat on croc-infested river

A boat skipper's unusual navigation technique in Australia's Northern Territory has landed him in hot water after police obtained footage of the man surfing on top of the boat's outboard motor.

The young barefoot man on the Honda four-stroke motor appeared to be the only person aboard the 4m aluminium fishing boat as it passed at speed between the bank of the reportedly crocodile-infested river and another boat, missing both by metres.

The man was not wearing a lifejacket or was not using a killswitch cord. The man who brought the video to the police's attention was stunned. "I'm totally against that and those bow waves create erosion in the banks and mangroves are nursery for fish," he said.

YouTube link.

"You're also destroying the creek there. It's just hooning at it's best." The mystery man could be fined $7,200 for reckless driving of a watercraft and risking injury to others if caught. He could be given an additional $1,440 penalty if police deem the wash from the vessel posed a danger to the "safety of a person, boat or structure".

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