Friday, February 07, 2014

Man rescued dog from icy lake in daring operation

Ove Karlsen, who works as an electrician on North Sea oil platforms lowered himself into an icy Norwegian lake to save a trapped St. Bernard last month.

Karlsen edged himself out over the ice, wearing a wetsuit he had put on especially for the rescue attempt, slipped into the water to greet the suffering animal, and then coaxed it to a rope he had laid over the ice.

"I did what I had to do and actually acted on impulse," Karlsen said.

YouTube link.

He said that when wife Stine came home, telling him of the struggling dog she'd seen, he had felt compelled to go out and try and save it. After a visit to a local vet, the dog was reunited with its grateful owners.

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tony m said...

What a wonderful outcome.I love these sort of vids you post.Thankyou.