Saturday, February 01, 2014

Police mount sting operation after bumbling burglar broke into shed full of bees

Police are looking for a burglar they suspect is covered in bee stings, after he broke into a fully-functional bee hive.

The criminal mastermind made his move on the innocuous-looking shed in Hampton, south west London, at some point between 4pm on Tuesday, January 28, and 10am the following day.

Richmond police said he would have been stung numerous times and are appealing to pharmacists and hospital workers to come forward if they have encountered a sting-pocked person.

Detective Sergeant Chris Brown said: “Bee stings at this time of the year are unusual and we would ask that you get in contact with police.”

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WilliamRocket said...

Dumbing down the universe ?
Apart from telling them they are not able to spell the words 'are, for, to, would, and you', I would also like to dob in the Richmond MPS, as their tweet plainly states that it was half the Richmond 'burg' team that unluckily opened the box.