Saturday, February 15, 2014

Runaway camel attacked people and cars in California

An aggressive camel went on the run from a rural property outside Los Angeles on Friday morning, terrorising locals and motorists for a half hour before it was corralled.

The humped beast's rampage began at around 8:30am when it broke free from its enclosure on a property in Acton and began chasing people and attacking cars, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in Palmdale said.

"It was chasing people, chasing cars, acting crazy. It bit a guy in the head," Deputy Sheriff John Cereoli said. Cereoli said the man was taken to a hospital, but had no information about his injuries.

Sheriff's deputies and firefighters captured the runaway camel on a neighbour's property at 9:15am, and it was briefly returned to its pen before county animal control officials took custody of it. The camel's owner may be cited for endangering residents.

There's a short news video here.

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