Thursday, February 13, 2014

Search for three men and a child who 'tried to kill ducks using a bird of prey and bricks'

Three men and a child are being hunted after they allegedly set a bird of prey on ducks in a pond in Shooters Hill, South East London and hurled bricks to try and kill the creatures. According to an anonymous appeal put up on Eaglesfield Park's gates - which goes on to ask for the culprits names and addresses, 'no questions asked' - the men were around 30-years-old.

It reads: "The male with the bird was around 6ft tall. The second male had a small child with him (I know, what scum). The third male had a black crash helmet with him and was short. He is believed to live locally." The witness, who left their phone number on the notice, said they had received threatening calls since making the appeal.

One call said: "Hello there. Just to let you know we've killed two more ducks tonight, and if you put up any more notices we're going to kill some more." The witness said: "The bird of prey was going over the ducks, it was landing in a tree and they were calling it back. The ducks were swimming frantically. Then they started throwing bricks to get the ducks to fly out so they could send the bird to attack them. The bird did get hold of one of the ducks in its mouth but I'm not sure if it was killed."

They added: "The very sad thing about it was one of the guys actually had a child on his shoulder, watching while they were using the bricks. To me this is as bad as someone making a child watch a pornographic video." A spokesman for the Met Police said: "Police have received an allegation that three men were seen releasing a bird of prey to attack ducks in Eaglesfield Park at 3.11pm on February 1. Anyone with any information should contact Greenwich police"


Anonymous said...

I figured it would harder to get a group of psychopaths together.

Dunex said...

Seems to be a decently posh area, weird stuff.
Damn trash