Saturday, February 22, 2014

Woman surprised to discover a weasel in her curtains

A shocked Airdrie woman called the Scottish SPCA after finding a weasel in her curtains. Animal rescue officers went to the frightened woman's home on Thursday after she reported an unidentified animal in her living room.

When officers Joanna Boyle and Emma Sergeant arrived, they discovered a small weasel hiding in the lady's curtains. Joanna said: "There was no sign of any animal at first but then we heard a scratching noise coming from the curtains. When we moved them a tiny weasel began running around the room.

"Being a wild animal he was clearly frightened by the strange surroundings and he was pretty feisty, but thankfully we were able to catch him without too much trouble. It seems he must have come in through the lady's door when she left it open but it's quite unusual to spot a weasel in a built up area."

She added: "The weasel was in good condition so we took him to a more suitable spot and released him back into the wild. We were glad we were able to help the weasel as well as the lady as she was very shaken. It's quite understandable though as it's not every day you find a weasel in your house."

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Anonymous said...

i find a weasel in my house every day!