Sunday, March 02, 2014

Annoyance over incorrect use of apostrophe on road sign

Drivers going past Sonning Bridge, near Reading, have expressed annoyance at a closed road sign which uses an incorrect apostrophe.

The bridge linking Berkshire and Oxfordshire closed due to flood damage.

Valerie Gabriel, writing on the BBC Berkshire Facebook page said the sign annoyed her and there was "no excuse" for printed errors.

Oxfordshire County Council's Highways councillor David Nimmo Smith said he was unaware of the mistake. He said: "Our engineers know how to do the job, but they may not be the best at writing signs."


Anonymous said...

That suck's. (boom boom)

Anonymous said...

Technically, it's a grammatical or syntactical error, or a malapropism, and not a misspelling. Seeing as we're being persnickety. ;)


WilliamRocket said...

Cheeses, I am just a lowly billder but even moro'ns like me wen't to sc'hool and learn-ed how 2 spel and rite proply, is shoken how stuped an unedumakated peeple git big munny jobs wif the countcil. They shud be sacked and fired 2.

Barbwire said...

It makes me feel better. I thought my fellow Americans were the only ones who had no clue about apostrophes. Nice to know they're not the only ones. I, of course, never make mistrakes.